Expert remote talent at a 70% cost reduction.
Explore our meticulously selected, top-tier talent, ready for immediate deployment on your terms. Flexremote isn’t just your typical outsourced support or business process outsourcing; it’s a redefined approach tailored to your needs, linking you with premium candidates across various roles.

High-caliber outsourced talent,  lightning-fast.


zero training required

Taskhead workers require no extra training beyond the standard onboarding provided to all new hires.


Absolute control

Our Taskhead workers integrate seamlessly into your team, under your management, not overseen by a BPO supervisor.


Zero risk guaranteed

You're not outsourcing your entire department; it's simply the next remote hire.

What makes TaskHeads your best choice


Only the finest: the top 5% of remote talent, handpicked.

  • Each Taskheads worker undergoes a rigorous 4-step pre-qualification process, evaluating their proficiency in written and spoken English, behavioral traits, and communication skills.

  • Taskheads workers bring extensive experience working with various Western or large local companies.

  • More than 95% of Taskheads workers hold university degrees and often possess multilingual proficiency.

Overcome the talent shortage in your market by hiring globally.

  • Expand beyond saturated local markets where competition for top talent is fierce.


  • Access unparalleled remote outsourced talent from our meticulously curated global talent pools.

We handle everything from start to finish, end-to-end.

  • We source the finest talent tailored to your requirements and prequalify them.

  • We simplify the process by managing contracts, compliance, and payments.

  • With comprehensive onboarding support, your new hire seamlessly integrates into your team.

Access the top 5% of global talent at just one-third of the cost.

  • Even though Flexremote workers are compensated twice the local market average, you still save up to 67% compared to local hiring costs.


  • Simple, straightforward: just one flat hourly rate.

Supported by Taskheads - a trusted name in the staffing industry.

  • As a Taskheads company, we harness Taskheads’ 40 years of expertise in talent discovery, compensation, and compliance throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied companies and government departments across the region who rely on us.

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Abdullah Rehan

  • Over 4 Years of Finance Ops Experience
  • Bachelor’s in Cost Accounting
  • Previously worked with T-Mobile

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Streamline your recruitment process with Taskheads.

Believe you don’t have the time or resources to onboard someone? Think again. All Taskheads talent is ready-to-go, taking less than 3 days from request to service.

1. Inform us of your needs.

Complete a brief form detailing your job requirements, and our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your specific needs.

2. We'll match based on your requirements.

We’ll search our pre-qualified talent pools for remote workers that best match your job criteria. If we can’t find a suitable match in our pre-qualified talent pools, we’ll advertise on your behalf and qualify new, additional talent at no extra cost.



3. Review your shortlist with talent insights at a glance.

We’ll present you with a carefully curated shortlist of top remote talent, complete with their CV, behavioral profile, and a brief video interview, empowering you to make the choice that’s best for you.